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When you feel at a loss with your campaign

I have been feeling for a while that we need to do something BIG to get this campaign really going. A celebrity name behind it or something equally as big. Today I even questioned if I should keep going with this. However, my frustration will not make these much needed changes be achieved. So today I m trying a new approach. I posted the following tweet and posts in hope this may help. If your in support and want to help please get in touch or even just share this message! Thank you. Stay strong and keep smiling through.

So we are all so over the Brexit shambles! Well lets make this time known for something a whole let better, Making massive changes by small steps, to make disabled lives so much better. Please sign the petition and look at the site. www.smilingthrough.org.uk #dontgetituntilyougetit

Remember this is a NON monetary campaign.

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