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The little things we take for granted..


magine going through life thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, laughing, respected…

Then one day your head is so full of fuzz you cant think straight, pull a sentence together or even just find that one word your so desperately looking for.

Breathing becomes tough. Especially if you try to move. You start to see your breathing becoming laboured by simple movements, from bed to the sofa!

Just trying to hold a fork properly, and fighting the nausea from the smell as your senses are so heightened. Something you enjoyed so much is an effort.

Sleeping feels like a myth. You cannot remember the last time you had an hour never mind a few hours. Your body becomes heavy with sleep depravity.

You remember the days when you strutted your stuff on the dance floor for hours, shaking those hips enjoying the music. However these days just standing up takes everything you have.

The greatest of joys, is those that are free and laughing is one of those. Not the easiest thing when you loose so much and that life is no longer easy. Your made to feel guilt in its purest form for, heaven forbid, enjoying your better days. Your career is lost, your freedom is not so easy, and lastly the important one…

Respect! People stop believing in you. Even yourself at times. But you are strong deep inside. You are the same person you always where, just your body doesn’t work so well anymore and you need extra help. That people you know have the ability to help you, but they mock you, don’t believe you and shame you when you ask for help. People who where once great friends too!

So imagine for just one moment. Feeling all off this and doing all that you can to live a “normal” life, to the fullest that you can. Now imagine your being judged for the way you look, move, and use facilities that are there to make life easier for you. Not only judged but abused, spoken to like your a fake, a fraud and scrounger. All the while you ARE faking! Faking well, just so you can cope, with the pain, the sleep deprivation, the difficulty moving, eating, breathing. Trying desperately to hold onto your last bit of dignity.

Now realise that your disabled. When did being disabled become such a filthy word?

Why should you feel guilt for using the things you need, to help you live? After all you didn’t want your body to just stop working the way that it always did, or to be born this way, or to be in any situation that makes you need this help so desperately. I don’t want sympathy, or for anyone to generally feel sorry for me. I just want people to remember I am still a person. I never thought at this early age I would have a body of someone of many, many more 10’s of years older. I don’t want to feel guilty about enjoying the better days, even though they are still a struggle.

So before you speak in future, just take that one moment to think. What if that was me? Why do I feel the need to make fun or not assist?

I just hope that empathy is not something of the past. That this could happen to you at anytime in the future if not already.

Remember that disability comes in many forms and just be KIND!

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