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The child on the right has Autism and ADHD.... so does the child on the left. The child on the right is accepted because of the ear defenders, sensory toy, chew stick, arm flapping and noises. The child on the left isn’t accepted because he looks completely “normal”. When he goes into meltdown, gets upset or shouts about something.... he looks rude, naughty and spoilt. People comment, people stare. Yet when he is the child on the right people look with understanding and make things easier for us if they can. Autism and ADHD are invisible disabilities... our son will become an adult with Autism and ADHD, still with his quirks and outbursts! We need to spread awareness, it’s not always visible but is still always there... don’t judge, be aware and feel free to share!

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Mum Michelle Silva Blackburn


I don't have severe problems but I have had people giving me "looks" when I use my walking stick and also been laughed at when using a golf umbrella to lean on. I on numerous occasions have left my stick in my bag and limped home as I was afraid of comments off idiots. I think people assume that you're faking it especially when you don't need to use a walking stick all the time.