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Is it just me? I find it very difficult when I see these statuses. OK I know why they are shared but when it comes to it, is there really someone to talk too? I know that when you suffer chronic illness, mental health issues etc that you rely so heavily on people, they eventually start to leave. They stop answering your calls as they "know" they will be needed or your low will drag them down. The sad thing is when they do, do this, they miss out of the times when you are at y

Facebook post by Fi Munro PHD

Please check out this amazing campaign & sign the petition! Not all disabilities are visible! I may not ‘look’ like I have terminal cancer; half my organs missing; a colostomy bag; chronic fatigue and receiving cancer treatment but I do!! Looks can be deceiving! I am sick of being judged and having to explain myself or feel immense guilt every time I use a disabled toilet or use my blue badge!...I’ve even been known to walk with a limp to stave off an ar

Trying to be normal

Reality of Smiling Through .. So I was thinking this site was appearing all doom and gloom. It's really not meant that way at all. I even heard one man say " you all want to be treated as normal so stop winging about stuff". Ouch! Well, sometimes its just hard to be "normal" and we all do our best to be "normal" with the help of our little pieces of joy, adapted equipment, spaces and toilets. This is what makes it easier for us to be "normal" then we can just get on with it.