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Hi Bev, As you know our daughter had cancer & we were issued a blue badge for her as she became a wheelchair user. I rarely went anywhere without her when she was allowed home from hospital as we wanted to spend every moment with her therefore even a trip to co-op in Helensburgh turned into a family outing.
This particular day there was no room in the parent & child so as I had the blue badge I parked in a disabled bay & there is started. I was getting out of the car going towards the boot to get her wheelchair & an old man ( I'll not say gentleman cos the abuse I got left no doubt in my mind he was NOT a gentleman at all) anyway I'm leaning in the car & the language he started using was disgusting, not rising to his comments as my daughter was still sat in the car but my blood was boiling, I was apparently every conceivable word you can think of, he was going to report me to the police for misuse of a blue badge ( despite by now having got the wheelchair out & assembled it) the abuse then turned to how I was in no way a wheelchair user & clearly was wasting our NHS funds etc etc etc, still I said nothing ( unlike me I know) he had by this point blocked me in so if I wanted to I was not going to be able to leave & he'd gone into the store to apparently find someone to make me move. I got her out the car, & she asked what the man wanted, I told her he thought he should park where we were & left it there. Now I was going to go into co-op but I did want to go elsewhere first but decided karma is a wonderful thing & I'd go find him in the store first, we found him talking to a member of staff, he was waving his arms about & it looked like he was filling them in quite nicely with the details, seeing us approach "there she is, thats her, parked in a disabled bay " we went over & cos my daughter was with me I pointed out its not always the driver of a blue badge holder who has the disability & he should not make opinions on a disability based on what he initially saw, disabled bays are not purely for the use of the elderly. The member of staff clearly cottoned on & asked him why he felt he deserved the bay when he clearly had no disability from the way he'd gone in the store, a perfectly well able person no stick, guide dog, wheelchair or anything turned out he thought cos he was a pensioner he'd a right to it !!!! He was asked by the store to move & we were given a £20 voucher for our inconvenience.
So although its not quite the same as yourself bev, there is a level of ignorance towards blue badge holders, badges are not given out needlessly & some would do well to remember that.


Eileen 53

Getting up in the morning is the usual struggle first trying to get out of bed ! Having to wait on my husband coming in from work to make breakfast and to help me shower as I don’t have the strength to lift pots and pans ... even sometimes I can’t lift a kettle to make a cup of tea, having a seat in the shower helps so that I’m not standing and losing my balance, daily things like shopping I do online or get a taxi to the co op as they have a home delivery service ! Not being able to do the things with my grandkids that people take for granted kills me, I suffer with arthritis and sometimes I can’t walk .. right now I’m bedridden as I didn’t see my cat and twisted my back to save me from falling because I don’t want to break my bones due to osteoporosis, I’m 3rd stage kidney disease also ... my illness is hidden .. you may see me walk with crutches but what you don’t see is the pain with every step I take

So today a new disgusting experience. A so called (now ex) friend accused me of gaining my blue badge illegally. Well folks I have nothing to hide. You can get a blue badge for many reasons and if you don’t automatically fit in to certain criteria then you can send in your application with details as to why you require one. Also best done by phoning the department too advise them and discuss it with them before hand. With myself there was no issue and it was granted straight away. Asking as your truthful about your situation and that can be verified by a doctor then there is no issue. Today is showing me just how serious this issue is!